When you are very successful, very quickly in any field, you set yourself up for the inevitable criticism. As the saying goes, the most criticized people or things are also the most important or memorable.

With extreme home workout programs, there is zero chance that you will have a criticism-free product.  The reason for this is simple: everybody is different and what people are looking for from a workout experience is necessarily specific and unique to the individual.

In the case of highly successful GSP RushFit MMA Training program, critics in the industry have noted that the program is more derivative then ground-breaking. That you are getting a lot of Beachbody Insanity mixed in with the gym MMA workout. Despite the fact that common sense tells us that at this point in the home workout niche everything is copied then tweaked, it is still an issue worth addressing.

The GSP RushFit MMA Training program was definitely specifically designed to capitalize on the great success of Beachbody P90X. Although there is little similarity in the actual mechanics of the workout between the two, the critical idea of what results you are seeking are basically the same. You recall from the infomercials how truly astounding the transformations of the physical lives of the people in those pictures was.

Creating these outcomes was the end game for Erik Owings and George St. Pierre (GSP) when they conceived their GSP RushFit MMA Training program. People love the look Mr. St. Pierre has when he enters the ring for a fight.  When you decide to undertake any difficult workout program, you are definitely thinking in terms of how you want to look when it’s over. Smart product developers have picked up on this maxim after the experience of seeing P90X dominate.

So the first innovation at work in the GSP RushFit MMA Training program is the length of time required to get those much-admired results you see in those P90X ads. You only go 8 weeks instead of 13 and really about 40 minutes each day rather than about an hour (or more with the P90X yoga). The reason this is an important concept is we tend to work out too slowly and at too low of an intensity. Our results are better if we ramp things up and do it with great form.

The second innovation is how RushFit uses high intensity intervals with weights with great variety each day. This plays off the concept of muscle confusion in P90X but with a more total body focus. This is an effective way to get into great shape.

FinallyFeature Articles, RushFit gives the program levels so that a beginner can do it and see great results and a more advanced person can seek greater challenges.  The program has broad based application.

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